Sunday, 6 September 2015

Be Inspired

It’s been inspirational for me
To have been able to be
Immersed in such an event
Where authors and books are the main content.
I never knew till now
Just exactly how
Broad writing can get
If you just let
Yourself go,
Let your writing flow
Like a balloon in the breeze,
Write with ease.
Bring all your thoughts onto paper
You can edit it later.
Ellie Marney says
She doesn’t have an ending always,
Until half way though,
Who even knew?
That professional authors too
Feel the same as me and you.
The ideas are endless to how
You write, so go ahead do it now.
The art of writing is in your view,
Grasp it like it’s getting away
You will be a success one day.
So for now just listen and
Be inspired by the helping hand
Of great authors who speak to you.
At this festival, we are all alike

Writing can be as simple as riding a bike.

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