Friday, 4 September 2015

Design For The Good Life

On Sunday in the Capital theatre, another part of ‘The Good Life’ was observed. This event was called ‘Design for The Good Life’. The aspect of being and living in one with nature.

Acclaimed garden designer and landscape architect Phillip Johnson introduced himself onstage with sparkles in his eyes, literally. He jumped up from the interviewing couch and presented his story in the style of a slideshow presentation of beautiful and engaging photographs and videos of his designs. You know, this was good to see. Finally someone was getting creative and intriguing the audience with visuals.

Phillip Johnson is a very bubbly, smiley person who is extremely passionate about his work and it shows. This also made the audience eager to hear more of what he was saying.

He designs gardens and buildings incorporated with nature. This ranges from large bird baths made from just one very large boulder (he likes rocks) and buildings made to look like flowers.
Background image of the famous floral architecture at Chelsea Flower Show

The image above of the floral inspired building in the background is part of the garden design by Phillip Johnson, which won him the gold medal and Best in Show at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2013. This was a huge achievement for him and his team. His retelling of the massive effort showed his devotion to beauty and nature and he truly is an inspiration.
Phillip Johnson’s idea of ‘The Good Life’ is connecting back to nature and being immersed in nature’s beauty. “That’s what life should be about” he exclaimed. And I agree.

Phillip Johnson giving an entertaining presentation
He also had photos of his young family enjoying an outdoor spa that he designed, made entirely of rock. It sits in their backyard surrounded by native plants and gum trees. It’s also beautiful to see how proud he is of his family; as well as his career and I think this brings him down to a level people can really relate to. It’s something we can all aspire to, in our search for ‘The Good Life.’

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