Friday, 4 September 2015

Should’a, Could’a, Would’a… but Didn’t.

You know how I said I was disappointed about the lack of wine tasting at The Gourmet Farmers event on Friday night? Well get this, at the exact same time the event was on, over at the library the G ‘N’ T tea show (poetry special) was going on. It was part of the Fringe Festival and guess what they were doing? Serving wine in teacups! WHAT THE HECK I can’t believe I missed this. Not only that, but I think the poetry would have been great to listen to. I love writing poetry; it’s one of my favourite forms of writing. If only I’d looked at the details for it. However at the time, I didn’t even consider it because I was set on The Gourmet Farmers because it was to do with the theme of ‘The Good Life’, which is what I was writing about for The Bendigo Advertiser.

That is one of my biggest regrets looking back on my time at The Bendigo Writers Festival. I wish more people made it clear how good the G ‘N’ T was going to be! What’s even worse is hearing all about it the following day and seeing it all over social media with the amazing photos people were putting up as well as tweeting about how good it was. Meanwhile I was listening to three men talk about how we should be eating other varieties of fish…

You know what would have been good? If they made the G ‘N’ T a key note event. I’m so disappointed I missed it. WINE IN TEACUPS PEOPLE!! WINE IN TEACUPS!!!

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